CAPER emerged on the scene in Chicago in 1984, forming his first band, THE BARBITUATE PUNKS. This led him into an onslaught of 18 years of devastating hardcore music. THE BARBITUATE PUNKS gave CAPER a taste of what was in store for him in his future.


By 1986, CAPER moved out of Chicago and arrived in Las Vegas with anger in his head and music in his blood. CAPER decided to form another band.


In October of 1986, a tornado of hardcore devastation burst onto the scene like a barbiturate rush and the tired out Las Vegas area was blessed with an improper noise called THE RIGHTEOUS PIGS. Containing then unknown musicians Mitch Harris and an in-your-face shouter by the name of CAPER. THE RIGHTEOUS PIGS bashed in the face of conformity exposing a harsh mix of punk rock and death metal and leaving the weak to fend for themselves. Mitch Harris left the band in 1989 after two LPís to join NAPALM DEATH with the agreement that THE RIGHTEOUS PIGS would continue when he found the time. The fact was that without Mitch Harris or CAPER the band would have to call it quits. Well, time went by and CAPER, sick of waiting said, "Screw ya" and began the search for fresh freaks to step up and help explode boundaries once again.


In 1993, CAPER decided to move to South Florida to start a new band called THE HENCHMEN. CAPERís ideas, fueled by determination, would take shape after putting puzzle pieces in place. One such piece was Frank Watkins from OBITUARY. Frank helped CAPER to record a four-song demo tape that for the time (1993-1994) delivered the goods, but by CAPERís standards today, didnít cut it.


At the end of 1994, CAPER decided to leave Florida and return home to Chicago, where he was to reform THE HENCHMEN with all new members. One such member was none other than ex M.O.D/MINDFUNK/MINISTRY lead guitarist Louis Svitek. CAPER then pulled in other great musicians from the Chicago area. In the period of 1995-1996, the Chicago area HENCHMEN recorded a six-song demo and performed numerous live shows throughout the Midwest. CAPERís determination and self-promotion took him on a two year self-promotional tour with such bands as MACHINE HEAD, NAPALM DEATH, OBITUARY and GODFLESH. After months of being on the road doing his own self promotion, CAPER decided he needed a break and needed to concentrate on getting a record deal. CAPER returned to Chicago and started contacting record companies. A few showed great interest, but in early 1998 CAPER received bad news; Louis Svitek was going on the road with MINISTRY. So, once again, it was time to move on.


In July of 1998 CAPER decided to move back to Las Vegas where, once again, he was looking for new prospects to form a band. For two years CAPER bounced from musician to musician trying to find the right people to form a band with. In May of 2000, Philip Anselmo (PANTERA) suggested to CAPER to form a band and just call it CAPER. So, in September of 2000, CAPER decided to take Phillís advice and start his own band called CAPER. CAPER thought about whom to get into the band. He decided on local musicians, because he didnít want to go through the politics of other signed musicians. No headaches. No strings attached. So in January of 2000 the CAPER band was formed. CAPER found some local musicians and recorded an 8-song demo, which was released in June 2001. It was entitled CAPER-VOLUME 1. After all was said and done, CAPER felt that it just wasnít good enough. So he decided to get rid of all the musicians and pulled in the BEST the Las Vegas area had to offer.


In the beginning of 2002, there was a sense of relief for CAPER. It seemed to him that he found the right guys. It took a while, but finally things felt right. After months of rehearsal, CAPER-VOLUME 2 was then released. The line-up now consists of:


Bryan Capozzoli on Guitar: Bryanís hardcore riffs and longtime musical background fits

perfectly with CAPERís vocal style.

Alan Strong on Drums: Alan was the original Drummer for the RIGHTEOUS PIGS
so his style of drumming is perfect for what the CAPER band needs. 

CAPER on Vocals: CAPER, an in-your-face, angry, hardcore vocalist.
Without a doubt, heís in the ranks of the best of them.


The music consists of six fast and slow paced songs varying in topics from: racketeering, the Klan, paranoia, cops, hatred, motorcycle gangs, rape, betrayal, and most of all, the life of CAPER! A good way to describe the music would be a heavy, hardcore, thrash-style, with hardcore vocals, but you can call it what you want.


The CAPER band, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada is currently looking for a record deal, with a record label behind them. With support, there will be no stopping them. With CAPERís style, reputation, determination and self promotion, somethingís gotta break. The CAPER band is 100% determined to get on the road and show the world an in-your-face, hardcore, wild night of intense rock-n-roll. A night the people wonít forget!! Home

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