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Return To Sender (Taliban Mix) mp3

Return To Sender (Taliban Mix) real audio

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Return to Sender

Return to sender,

They gave a letter to the postman,

he put it his sack.

Bright and early next morning,

They found traces of anthrax.

We wrote upon it:

Return to sender, intentions are known.

Got your number, comin' to your home.

We had some trouble, twin towers flat

We'll let Bin Laden know, America's striking back.

We'll drop a bomb on al Qaeda

Send in a special team.

Bright and early next morning

They'll know its not a dream.

We wrote upon it:

Return to sender, intentions are known.

Don't want your poison, just a no fly zone.

This time we're gonna kill you ourselves

track you down in your land.

We'll come back

day after day

to get the Taliban

the writing on it

Return to sender, intentions are known.

Gonna' blow your ass up, to the twilight zone.

Return to sender,

Return to sender,

Return to sender,

Return to sender

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*Original words and music 
by Otis Blackwell and Winfield Scott


''Oink'' by John Mueller

''Alfred E. Presley'' by Joseph DeVito

''Protect America'' by Ropekid

Parody by the 

Yankee Capitalist Pigs

Bill '' Kalashnikov'' McClirk

Jerry ''machine gun'' Mundo
Alan '' Uzi'' Broze

Steve ''send em' all to Allah'' Zakas


''Heart-Head'' art by Spiffopops

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Bin Birth Art by ?????????
Music by Prototype www.prototypeonline.com 
Heart-Head art by Sean Madden http://www.netacc.net/~seanart/ 
Sound FX by zakas  www.mccmusic.com 

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