September 2003

1.   Water Witch
2.   Terror Of The Sea
3.   Row
4.   Wreckage
5.   Washed Ashore
6.   World Bromination
7.   Dreamberry
   One Ring

9.   El Chupacabra






Front Cover Art by Brom   

10. Monster Surf
11. Gods Black Space
12. House Of Kang
13. Soul Surf
14. Reusable
15. Dreamberry Dream
16. War Braid
17. Micro Mechanisms



Back Cover Art by R.S. Connett

   Produced by Bill McClirk  Mastered by Vinny Castaldo  HDCD mastering by Tom Parham   Replicated @ Oasis CD

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HDCD Enhanced CD ONLY 11.99!

2003  McC Music/McC Records Poppagutz PublishingBMI


Surf Pirates Pillaging the Spanish Inquisition, 
chasing Goat Suckers with Robotic Nano Tech.
Dreamland UFO's landing on the Face of Mars 
and Native Americans dance to Chinese Reggae. 
Brom paints beyond LOTR allowing Karma's Love Revenge to slip quietly into the sea.

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Flash Video by R.G. Geiger